Customize your job description headers

job description headers

Your company has a unique style and headers in your job description and job advert. Your job requirements could be listed as responsibilities, duties, requirements or even mixed with multiple words. It is part of how you differentiate your job advert from other companies.


To ensure your generated job advert reflects your unique headers and titles, we have released a new feature to customize your job description headers.


You can also assign the priority of each section. If you want to move qualifications ahead of responsibilities or company bio over perks, it is a matter of a drag & drop.

job description headers

Qualifications field

Our customers have requested adding a new field to list the job qualifications. Now you can list the required qualifications for the job, and they will appear along other sections in your job advert. You can move the qualifications section to the top before the requirements, and you can even leave it empty if the job does not require specific qualifications.

job qualifications

Job description status

Job status is important for internal use and integrations. For instance, if you want to create a draft to finish later or to collaborate with your team before publishing it.

This is reflected in the Zapier integration as well. The API will send the job description details along with the current status.

job status

Role Summary Mix & Match

Before today’s release, when you request generating a new role summary it would overwrite the previous one. Now, you can see the list of generated role summaries so you can mix and match to write your own role summary. Every time you request a role summary, it will be added under the role summary text area.

Role summary history - mix & match
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