Job description for Sales Associate

What is the role of sales associate?

The sales associate has the job of making sure that what is sold makes sense for the client, his/her needs and goals, and that customers understand why they should buy it. Sales associates are an essential part of every company’s marketing department. As such, they have to be very well trained in their respective industry areas so as to sell other products and services within their own lines (e.g., computer hardware). They need to know everything about a particular field, not just how to present your goods but also how you can actually produce them on site — from manufacturing techniques (materials required), distribution logistics (who pays where) and all other types of aspects related with those items’ quality control process.

Job requirements for sales associate

– Receptionist and information resource for visitors and customers.
– Answers phones, takes messages, and schedules appointments.
– Processes customer payments and credit card statements.
– Completes basic paperwork.
– Assists with locating items or services within the store.
– Maintains orderly records of department inventory, price lists, and ordering information.
– Replenishes stock as needed.
– Trains new associates.
– Ensures proper visitor access through the use of security measures and restricted areas.
– Follows company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
– Maintains a high level of professionalism while providing excellent service to customers.
– Provides additional services such as answering phones, sorting mail, and making copies.
– Conducts meetings, training sessions, and other activities associated with the sales floor.
– Arranges product displays and merchandizing materials.
– Reviews and approves vendor invoices and shipping documents.
– Processes returns and exchanges.
– Maintains an organized, well-maintained place of business.
– Maintains a positive attitude and works as a team member.
– Provides leadership in the workplace.

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