Barista job description

Barista job description example


Role summary

As a Barista, you’ll be responsible for the smooth running of the coffee machine in our café. You will also be responsible for restocking ingredients and cleaning up after each shift. You should have excellent communication skills as well as attention to detail and focus when it comes to making sure that everything is done properly.


Required skills

– Meets and greets customers, makes all beverages per recipes, times out on customers, cleans up tables, performs barista duties.
– Responsibilities include: serving coffee and baked goods to customers; maintaining a clean work area; cleaning the workspace; and performing any other related duties as assigned.
– Performs basic food handling tasks and is required to wear hair restraints (e.g., hair net, hair bands).
– Must be able to communicate effectively with staff.
– Proficient in computer operation and must be able to operate an office computer system.
– Creates and prepares coffee beverages as a member of the barista team.
– Performs all tasks required to make and serve coffee, including cleaning, grinding, roasting, brewing, and bottling.
– Utilizes proper methods and procedures for handling and preparing food.
– Demonstrates job knowledge, skills, and abilities in all areas of operation.
– Shows initiative by learning new techniques and ideas.
– Provides customer service to customers in a professional manner.

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