Qualifications – AI will suggest the relevant ones for your job

Certified Registered Nurse Qualifications

Qualifications Suggestions

In our last release, we had added a new section called qualifications to allow you to add any necessary qualifications to your job description or job post.


Today, we are releasing a new feature to help you identify the right qualifications based on the job title and skills selected. This feature will suggest any requirements that do not fall under responsibilities.


For instance, requiring 3 years of experience is not a responsibility but it is a must-have in order to qualify the candidate for the next stage.

Certified Registered Nurse Qualifications Suggestions

Certified Registered Nurse Qualifications

CDL Driver Qualifications Suggestions

CDL driver qualifications suggestion using AI

As always, all the suggested text can be amended and you can add more qualifications manually as required. If the AI engine suggested 5 years of experience and you are looking for 7+ years of experience, you can choose the suggestion and amend it later inside the qualification textbox.

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