Job description is about the candidate, sell your job

The YOU factor, sell your job in your job description

You are advertising your job to attract the top candidates who will join to help you hit your next milestone, satisfy more customers, increase sales, and help the company progress.

The best way to attract them? Make your job posting about the candidates!

There are two important things in recruitment advertising.

The first is selling the job, and I can’t remember what the second one is.

How to make it personal?

To help you personalised your job description or job posting, we have released a new feature called “sell the job”.

We have trained the AI model to understand the candidates’ pain point(s) and write a sentence to connect with them emotionally to entice them to read more and apply for the job.

All you need is to write one or few pain points that the current candidate has, and the AI will understand them and generate a sentence to entice the candidate to apply or at least continue reading your job ad.

Here is an example:

If you are trying to hire a Senior PHP Developer, some pain points that the developer is facing could be:

1. Working with legacy systems.

2. No clear career path.

3. No training budget.

How will the new feature write the enticing intro? Here are some real examples generated by our platform.

Example 1

Are you tired of working on old, out-of-date systems? Do you want to learn new technologies and advance your career? Are you looking for a friendly team that will share its experience with you? Join our team of passionate, skilled people! We’re looking forward to seeing your application.


Example 2

Do you want to make a real impact on people’s lives? Do you want to work only 40 hours a week, including a maximum of 8 am to 5 pm during weekdays? Are you looking for an opportunity where your opinions matter and your code is highly appreciated? Join our team at Job Description AI!

Sell the job - personalised job description
A screenshot of the "Sell the job" feature

How about Search Engine Optimisation?

Being human-readable and SEO optimised is one of our core principles. That’s why the model was trained to include the job title and company name in the enticing sentence. Likewise, the closing paragraph will have the job title and company name.

But, if you’re a recruitment company, then the AI will not include the client name to ensure you don’t reveal your client name in your job ads. The AI understands this part based on your Job Description AI account type.

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