Business analyst job description

Business analyst job description example


Business Analyst Role Summary

As a Business Analyst, you’ll be responsible for analysing the data from various sources to provide business intelligence and reporting. You will analyse large amounts of data in order to gain an understanding of our clients’ businesses and their customers. You’ll have excellent communication skills, as well as experience working with Excel or other similar software.


Required skills

– Provides a consultative service to client(s) in all matters related to business process and information technology.
– Develops and maintains long term relationships with internal and external clients.
– Leads teams of analysts in the development and implementation of new business processes.
– Serves as an advisor and mentor to the business analyst team, providing guidance on analytical best practices.
– Facilitates communication between internal and external clients.
– Monitors and responds to change requests.
– Creates and maintains data dictionaries, glossaries, and metadata models.
– Writes reports and presentations.
– Identifies potential problems with the current implementation of the solution and recommends solutions to mitigate those risks.
– Provides end-user support for the information systems, such as user training, testing, and problem resolution.
– Develops business rules and constraints to ensure that the solution meets organizational needs.
– Ensures that business standards are met with regard to data integrity, security, and privacy.
– Uses software development life cycle (SDLC) techniques to create detailed design documents.
– Participates in creating and maintaining test plans, reports, and documentation.

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