Data Entry job description

Data Entry job description example


Data Entry Role Summary

As a Data Entry Clerk, you’ll be responsible for entering data into our systems. You will input financial and legal information such as invoices, receipts and cheques into the company’s accounting system. You should have strong attention to detail and good computer skills (Microsoft Office) in order to accurately transcribe data from PDFs or spreadsheets.


Required skills

– Keyboards, trackpads, scanners, or other data entry devices.
– Processes incoming paperwork.
– Enter data into accounting software in a consistent and accurate manner.
– Receives data sets from various sources and enters the raw data.
– Transcribes information from paper, voice, or digital media into a workable format.
– Updates data to ensure it is current and up-to-date.
– Uses data entry software to enter data into existing systems.
– Creates documents based on new data.
– Ensures data is accurate, complete, and transferable.
– Implements practices for data accuracy and completeness.
– Ensures data is properly formatted and prepared for analysis.
– Identifies methods to accurately transfer data from one system to another.
– Follows all applicable policies and procedures.

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