Office manager job description

Office manager job description example


Office Manager Role Summary

As an office manager, you’ll be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our offices. This will include ensuring that all team members are in a good place to do their work and having excellent communication with them about this. You’ll need to have experience working in an office environment as well as being able to manage people effectively, both face-to-face and over email or phone calls.


Required skills

– Ensures that all critical aspects of the office are up and running.
– Advises other employees during open hours on campus.
– Maintains records of information for all departments, making sure they are organized and accurate.
– Processes employee issues.
– Provides general administrative support.
– Maintains office equipment and supplies.
– Receives and processes mail for the office.
– Maintains files, records, and other documents related to the needs of the office.
– Prepares meeting agendas and keeps records of all meetings.
– Arranges meetings with clients, suppliers, and others.
– Coordinates travel arrangements for the office.
– Maintains office property.
– Covers social insurance, vacation, and sick leave.
– Maintains office conditions to ensure safety and proper functioning of all equipment.

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