Operations Manager job description

Operations Manager job description example


Operations Manager Role summary

As an Operations Manager, you’ll be responsible for the smooth running of our online retail operations. This will include setting up and maintaining systems and processes to ensure that we’re meeting all deadlines and keeping track of stock levels. You’ll also have the responsibility for ensuring that we have a high level of customer service at every stage in the sales process – from initial enquiry through to final delivery.


Required skills

– Responsible for the operations, quality assurance, configuration management, security, and automation of web applications used in e-Commerce transactions.
– Maintains a high level of knowledge of all components of the system, including its architecture and how it interacts with other components and systems.
– Develops and implements processes that foster the continuous improvement of the application quality and functionality.
– Establishes and enforces operational policies to ensure the health and stability of the application.
– Ensures the correct configuration of the application and all related applications in an environment.
– Develops and maintains documentation of operational procedures.
– Ensures that the systems are properly configured, well designed, and provide the correct functionality.
– Conducts operational audits and reviews on the performance of current activities to ensure they align with SLAs.
– Supports business needs by developing and demonstrating the value of new or advanced technologies to improve the success of the company.
– Develops and implements long term plans to achieve goals and objectives.

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