Product Manager job description

Product Manager job description example

Role summary
As a Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for the design and development of new products. You will work closely with both internal and external stakeholders to determine what products are required by our customers, define requirements, ensure product quality standards are met and manage projects from start to finish. You will also have a keen eye for detail in order to ensure that all aspects of a project run smoothly.


Required skills

– Creates and maintains feedback loops between the product owner and the business units that will use the product.
– Develops and maintains a portfolio of products in various stages of technical maturity.
– Determines product requirements and designs from the needs of the business.
– Communicates with product owners to determine details for the product’s features, functionality, and other requirements.
– Ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the current product status.
– Plans and coordinates a release of the product.
– Reviews feature ideas and prototypes created by others and determines whether they meet the project’s criteria.
– Conducts user research to better understand the needs of the end-user community.

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