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Job Description Generator

What is a job description generator?

Job description AI is an AI-based job description generator to help you writing job descriptions in no time. All you need is the job title, job industry and optional skills to generate a unique job description tailored to your requirements.

Sell the job

The job description is all about the candidate. To attract the top talent, you need to ensure that the job description connects with them emotionally, showing them you know their current struggle with their current work and why joining your company will make their lives better and help them progress in their careers.

Role summary

Another feature in our job description generator is one click to generate the role summary. The role summary will summarize the requirements and expectations of the role in few lines, which helps you express the role quickly and helps the candidate understand the role before reading more details.


The AI engine will suggest qualifications related to the job title and selected skills in one click. Furthermore, the generated qualifications can be edited and enriched as all the selections will go to the textbox, where you can amend them to suit your requirements.

Why would you use a job description generator?

We have analysed 3.3 million job descriptions in the United States, and we found that more than 9000 job descriptions per month are shorter than an average tweet. So there are many benefits of using a job description generator :

  1. Unique job description instead of copying templates. In the last report from Zoek, 50% of UK businesses admitted they are using job description templates! How would you compete with hundreds of businesses when you use the same copy that 50% of them are using? Job description AI you to stand out and improve your ROI.
  2. Time-saving. It does all the work for you to give your team and candidates more quality time
  3. Learn more about skills or requirements that you might not have considered before.
  4. Personalize your job description and connect emotionally with the candidate. The sell the job feature will write the opening paragraph of your job description specifically to engage the candidates and attract them to read more and apply.
  5. Identify the required qualifications.
  6. Avoid the unconscious gender bias and gender-coded language in your job descriptions. The gender bias detector will highlight the gender-coded language to ensure that your job description is gender-neutral.

Are you limited by a job title or industry?

No! We support 27 industries to generate job skills, responsibilities and qualifications. While it seems too good to be true, we use a word-class AI engine trained on 175 billion parameters to generate job requirements and the role summary. 

That’s how job description ai can generate requirements for a wide range of job titles.

job description examples

Do you have some examples of generated job descriptions using Job Description AI?

Here are some job description examples generated using our platform:

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