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Bookkeeper job description

Bookkeeper job description example   Bookkeeper Role Summary As a Bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the company’s accounts are accurate and in good order. You will also ensure that all invoices and receipts have been accounted for. You will … Read More

Job description templates

Job Description Templates, are they bad?

The problem with using templates for job descriptions is that templates often have a number of basic functions that are not relevant to the needs of the job. They also might have a lot of detail that are irrelevant to … Read More

Job description for Sales Associate

What is the role of sales associate? The sales associate has the job of making sure that what is sold makes sense for the client, his/her needs and goals, and that customers understand why they should buy it. Sales associates … Read More

Job description for Project Manager

What is the role of project manager? Project managers are responsible for keeping the project running on time and within budget. The role can also include following up with the client on issue resolution, which includes gathering information from meetings … Read More

Job description for Administrative Assistant

What is the role of administrative assistant? Administrative Assistants are required to organize scheduling for meetings, facilitation in taking minutes and recording presenters. They can also record state papers, act as aides to their senior officers by attending visits and … Read More

Cashier Job Description

What is expected from a cashier job? Cashiers are expected to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in a fast-paced environment. They are responsible for making sure that customers are happy and the store is running smoothly. The key feature of … Read More

Examples of common job descriptions

In this page, we have listed links to job descriptions generated with our AI engine. These jobs are commonly searched on Google so we though of sharing the outcomes with you in case you would like to use them or … Read More